The Yashica T4 and why I love it.

I decided to write a little blog post about one of my favorite film cameras. The Yashica T4. A lot of versions of this camera were made and I happen to own the Yashica T4 Super model. This little light weight, compact point and shoot film camera is known for it's Carl Zeiss lens that produces incredibly sharp images as well as it's waist-level view finder. The Yashica T4 was discontinued in 2002 and goes for about $350 on eBay. They can still turn up at thrift stores and if you're lucky you can pick one up for only a few dollars. I'm currently on the hunt for the black model. :) These are some of my favorite photos I have captured with this camera. I can't wait to load this little guy up and get out there with it soon. Enjoy!